For 44 years Delightful Foods has offered a variety of pies, cookies, and vegan desserts. Shop 19 Flavors of Pie or find us at a Bay Area Farmers' Market.

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  • Yelp Review

    After gazing at their variety pies we knew we had to purchase one! The Golden Crust Sweet Potato Pie I purchased was spiced to perfection and taste very fresh, it's unique in that it's made with yams and simple ingredients! Having southern roots, this pie was right up my alley, not to mention my boyfriend loved it!

    I would recommend visiting this booth and we will definitely be back to try more of their goodies! Support this small local family owned bakery @delightfulfoodsbakery on Instagram, especially now when they need our business the most!

    - Rachelle

  • Yelp Review

    If looking for a new pie dealer, need a summer dessert, or have no self-control for baked goods, I can highly recommend Delightful foods.

    - Michael

    My key lime pie was delish.  Sweet, creamy, and tart.  The pie crust was crusty.  Hubby enjoyed the apple mini pie and daughter liked the banana cream pie.  

    - Shirley

  • Yelp Review

    Bean pie was so good, mango and blueberry cheesecake superb! Support this Black owned business please so they can be around for a long time.

    - Latriece